1 Home Page of FeynMaster 1

This is the Home Page of the software FeynMaster. Here you can download the package and find the manual.

The software is distributed “as it is” in the hope it can be useful. If you find any problem, please send us an e-mail.

Duarte Fontes duartefontes at tecnico.ulisboa.pt & Jorge C. Romão jorge.romao at tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Please acknowledge our work when you use FeynMaster in your research. You can do so by citing:
Duarte Fontes, Jorge C. Romão, “ FeynMaster: a plethora of Feynman tools”, arXiv:1909.05876.

Do not forget also to acknowlegde FEYNRULES, QGRAF and FEYNCALC.

Jorge Romão